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RPG Logic podcast

Welcome to the RPG Logic Podcast! A Table Top RPG podcast where we combine actual play with a discussion of the game. We'll talk about the decisions we made in the game and the preparation we did before hand so you can see what goes into running and playing a table top roleplaying game.

Aug 25, 2019

As part of RPG A Day 2019, I thought I’d share a recent Triumph, yes I know this is a day late. Here is part of a D&D session with my home game where they triumphed against terrible odds. There is a lot of tense dice juggling, background noise, overtalking, birds, and even some cheering. I hope you enjoy it. May you have all kinds of Triumphs in your games as well.
D&D 5th edition is by Wizards of the Coast.
Music: “Baba Yaga” by Kevin MacLeod licensed under a Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License.